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Are You a Credit Union Member?

Learn how to sign up for a Save To Win account and start saving today.

Are You a Credit Union?

Learn how Save to Win can help your credit union grow savers.

Looking for Press?

Check out the media attention our program has received over the years.




Helping credit union members save money and build wealth is a cornerstone of the credit union social mission. No matter what they're are saving for, every time a credit union member makes a $25 deposit into their Save to Win account, they’re entered into a drawing to win cash prizes! Check out what credit unions are participating in Save to Win so you can start saving today!


Here's How it Works:

  1. Open a 12-month Save to Win share certificate with at least $25
  2. Keep making deposits into your share certificate during the 12 months
  3. Prizes are awarded each month, quarter and in some states annually
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Credit Union Benefits

  • Is exclusively available only at participating credit unions in ten states
  • Helps build member loyalty by helping them become more financially savvy
  • Expands business by providing cross-selling opportunities
  • Is easy to implement thanks to its turnkey marketing materials, training documents, technology support and product administration
  • Lets your credit union control the interest rate and incorporate dollar caps on the product
  • Enables you credit union to fund individual credit union member prizes
  • Provides invaluable media buzz through local and national publications




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