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Save to Win changes the way people think about saving money. Heres what some of the participating credit unions and members say about it.    

"We are so pleased with the program and especially the amazing consistency in seeing member deposits. Setting up payroll deduction is such a key component but once set up, we have had multiple members who have been shocked by the results." - Eric Bruen, President/CEO of Desert Valleys FCU, California  
“Save to Win fits in perfectly with our financial advocacy mission and supports our efforts of encouraging our members to save and promoting thrift, which is the principle on which credit unions were founded.” - Carl J. Casper, VP of Customer Advocacy at Connex Credit Union, Connecticut

“Saving money isn't normally very exciting. Save to Win provides a unique opportunity that encourages saving in an entertaining way while helping our members reach their financial goals.” - Keith Wiemert, President/CEO at Seasons Federal Credit Union, Connecticut

“Getting people to save more is the best thing we can do for them, and sometimes we almost have to trick them into it. That’s what I feel like we are doing with Save to Win, they don’t think of it as saving so much when they are making the decision to open the account.  They are thinking about winning a prize.  Saving is the secret benefit.” - Hank Hubbard, CEO at Communicating Arts Credit Union, Michigan

“Lake Trust Credit Union is committed to helping our members save their money and meet their financial goals, and one of the ways we’re doing that is through innovative programs like Save to Win.” - Danielle Brehmer, Vice President of Marketing at Lake Trust Credit Union, Michigan

“Peninsula FCU is extremely pleased to encourage our members to save their money and grow their personal wealth through programs like Save to Win.” - James Veneskey, CEO at Peninsula Federal Credit Union, Michigan

“It’s just money I put aside for a rainy day. Whatever you deposit, you just leave it there for a year. At the end of the year I can just transfer it out of that account to my regular savings account.” - Roosevelt C., Member at People Driven Credit Union, Michigan

“We are extremely grateful for the opportunity of this program provided by our local credit union. We encourage everyone to support their local credit unions and participate in this program.” - Vern and DeAnn B., Members at Kearney Federal Credit Union, Nebraska

“The Save to Win program encourages our members to save through a win-win situation. The drawings are exciting for our members and our staff — we’re always delighted when we see our members on the monthly drawing list! If anyone is interested in saving money, we highly recommend this program.” - Nikki Rue, Marketing Manager at Mutual 1st Federal Credit Union, Nebraska 

“The Save to Win program means so much to us as an organization, simply because it means so much to our members. It aligns with our vision and is just part of our commitment to enhance the lives of our members. Encouraging members to save and offering prizes along the way creates a fun way to make saving a part of their lifestyle and an effective way to watch their money grow.” - Judy Tharp, CEO at Piedmont Advantage Credit Union, North Carolina

“Save to Win changed my whole life. Save to Win has made me think about my savings and spending. It's just there, and I'm doing so much better. I have an emergency fund, I'm paying down my debt. I don't even know what the prizes are anymore, but, Save to Win, it's changed me; it's changed how I feel about my future." - Sadie M., Member at Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit Union, North Carolina 

"The ability to open a certificate with as little as $25 allows those who do not have our normal minimum of $1,000. My branch is in a lower-income area, so this is a great help! The chance to win some extra cash adds to the excitement.  Overall, the Save to Win certificate is a great product for our members." - Nathan Rice, Relationship Manager at ABNB Federal Credit Union, Virginia

"I had no expectation of winning but opened an account to get back in the habit of saving." - C.J., Member at Peninsula Community Federal Credit Union, Washington 

"I like the Save to Win certificate because it forces me to save." - Leann O., Member at Fibre Federal Credit Union, Washington

“I’m not going to lose anything, so why not? And I keep telling everybody it’s my version of gambling” - Crystal H., Member at Express Credit Union, Washington

“I think its forced behavior which is really– I hate to say that, but the reason why they’re CDs is because you have to keep it in there for 12 months. So if you’ve learned that you can live without that $25 for 12 months, it’s a behavioral change.” - Sharron Hall, CEO at Express Credit Union, Washington 

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