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How do you plan to start saving money? Check out these tips to set your financial goals and develop a hassle free savings plan that you can easily stick to!

Set your goal

Why is it important to set a savings goal? Research finds that people who have a set goal when it comes to savings have a higher success rate than those who choose not to. So how do you set a savings goal? It’s simple with our easy-to-follow resources that let you decide a timeline that is right for you and develop a budget that makes sense for your lifestyle. Click here to use the Savings Calculator and set your savings goal.

Create a timeline 

Having a large savings goal can seem overwhelming, making it easier to give up. But when you break down your large goal into a set of smaller goals, it’s that much easier to achieve. By setting a timeline, meeting your overall savings goal will be much easier. Your timeline for saving can be set up a few different ways: ​Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly or on Paydays.

Set up auto payments

Payments can be pulled automatically from your account so you will never have to worry about paying a bill late again and waste money on late fees! If you are unsure how to set up online bill pay, contact your credit union and they should be able to help you.

If you are not a credit union member, click on the "Select a Participating Credit Union" search box above and select your state. This page will show you the list of all participating credit unions and from here you can narrow your search by the county. 

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